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Keenan Employee Benefits TPA

The Keenan Employee Benefits TPA has been a JMS believer since 2010, coming to our rescue during our system conversion and providing us with the rapid and quality support we needed and could trust. Continuing now for six years, we have built on a great relationship taking advantage of more and more JMS resources. We’re getting the job done and saving time and money. The JMS team is great – true partners!

Walter T. Pregizer
Vice President

Frates Benefit Administrators

In 2005 Frates initially engaged in a business relationship with JMS to support our Front-end Paper Claim Conversion to EDI, including Mailroom and Scanning, to replace our current process of mailroom, scanning, and online data entry directly into LuminX by in-house data entry operators. We also have utilized JMS Plan testing service where they test all provided scenarios to make sure our Plans would pay correctly. While our business continued to grow with new groups, we were continuously confronted with the challenges of hiring and training new employees quickly to keep up with deadlines and turn-around service levels. Recognizing the benefits of our existing relationship with JMS, in 2010 we made the decision to expand the relationship by contracting with JMS to supply claim examiner resources to remotely adjudicate claims directly within LuminX. By implementing claim examining Frates is now able to turn-around claim payments quicker by turning our offices into a 24 hour processing center driving high customer satisfaction with reduced inventory and operating costs. We have seen a cost savings up to 60% and our claims inventory is less than 5 days. Frates couldn’t be as successful without our partnership with JMS.

Rick Franklin

Community Care Plan

CCP currently processes over 100,000 claims per month. While we are presently receiving 84% of our claims electronically, in order to achieve excellence in our claims shop, we needed to partner with an outside vendor to assist with our paper to EDI claim conversions. JMS & Associates was selected as the top-ranking vendor of choice. Since our partnership began in 2009, our experience at each phase of our efforts was superior. Their facilitation, due diligence and competence is why our relationship remains in full standing today. The value of services provided by JMS is immeasurable.

Tracy Harswick, CPC
Vice President, Payment Operations and Project Management

ACS Benefit Services, LLC

ACS Benefit Services, LLC has been working with JMS for several years. My team works with JMS in relation to the paper claims they translate to 837 EDI claim files. Anytime we have seen an issue with that translation they are very quick to get on a conference call with the necessary parties to discuss the issue and resolve it. They also perform indexing functions of the forms we scan internally. Teaming up with JMS to perform this function has saved my team a great deal of man hours and allowed us to utilize existing staff in other areas of responsibility.
I have had the pleasure of working with the several of the higher level management team including the President, CEO, VP of Operations and Regional Sales Manager. They are all wonderful to work with and treat me as if I am as important as our senior level management. That is wonderful customer service!

Mandi Burkhart
Assistant Vice President, Administration

Taylor Benefit Resource

Taylor Benefit Resource started using JMS in 2014 as a Clearinghouse. After much success we used them to help us with Data Conversion and Plan Building. We have had tremendous growth over the past year and they have been very instrumental in helping us get through the addition of new groups. They built several plans for us in a very short time frame. While building these plans they helped us with some issues we had been having since the conversion from ICD9 to ICD10. We have been more than pleased with their service and will continue a relationship with JMS as we continue to grow and add more business.

Carol Hopper
Claims Manager


Save Time and Money

By implementing a JMS staffing solution, your company will experience reduced claim administrative costs and claim inventory. We have the expertise and the proven track record to manage tasks efficiently and cost-effectively, with minimal support requirements from your in-house staff.

Ensure Data Integrity and Security

We know how important accuracy is to our clients and have developed strict quality control measures that exceed industry standards. Our commitment is to improve the reliability of your data and provide you with the confidence that your claim and related information is accurate and processed in a timely manner. JMS continuously provides the latest in information security technologies that comply with all HIPAA information protection regulations and SOC Audit requirements.

Manage Fluctuations in Processing Needs

Regardless of project size, JMS responds quickly and effectively to any requirement, and efficiently performs task assignments to handle the peaks and valleys of all aspects of your claim administration process.

Receive the Support You Need

At JMS, we listen to our client’s issues and challenges and are committed to customer satisfaction every day. To us, customer support is not just a service, it’s a philosophy.